1)Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born on 19 June 1964 in New York and is still known by his family as Al.

2) Al and Rachel – the two eldest – were sent away to prep school in England. Family friends recall that Al now Boris came under fire for his Turkish lineage and the fact that he lived in Brussels.

3) Johnson went to Oxford in 1983 having, despite his teachers’ misgivings, won a scholarship to study classics at Balliol.

4) As soon as he graduated with a 2:1 in 1987 Johnson married the beautiful and wealthy Allegra Mostyn-Owen at a wedding celebrated with a specially commissioned violin duet.

5)He was taken on as a graduate trainee at the Times, but the shambolic Boris persona did not impress his news editors.

6)Frustrated with low-grade work and, desperate for glory, made up a quote to sex up a story and attributed it to his godfather, the academic Colin Lucas which led to his sacking.

7) Johnson’s longest liaisons with his columnist Petronella Wyatt created issues in his professional and his family life.

8) Johnson’s first stint as an MP was hardly a storming success, and reports of more affairs did not help. Insult was added to injury when David Cameron, a fellow Etonian two years his junior, became Tory leader.

9)After David Cameron resigned he was on the verge of becoming become PM. But when fellow Leave campaigner Michael Gove declared him unfit to lead the country through Brexit Johnson’s hopes were quashed and Theresa May came to power instead.

10) May made Johnson her foreign secretary despite obvious antipathy between them.

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