13 Reasons Why's Christian Navarro Lands Audition for Little Mermaid's Prince Eric

ChristianNavarro, who plays Tony on 13 Reasons Why, got Disney’s attention and was able to send audition tapes in to play Prince Eric in The Little mermaid.

Back when everyone found out that Harry Styles had passed on the role of Prince Eric, Christian tweeted out, “So I heard Harry Styles passed on Prince Eric, well…I can sing. Black Ariel/Latino Prince…no ones called but Season 3 drops next week and I think it’s one hell of an audition.”

Fast forward to this week, and on Tuesday (September 2), Navarro shared a new tweet confirming that

Disney saw his tweet, gave his team a call, and gave him a chance. As it turns out, they wanted to see what he could do.

“Tapes sent. Fingers crossed. Let’s make some history," he wrote."

This is pretty exciting news. While Disney hasn't made any sort of overtures as to who could end up taking the throne, Navarro would certainly be a fantastic choice. Given what we've seen of his work in 13 Reasons Why, he could make a fantastic Prince Eric, and we're delighted to see him taking matters into his own hands when it comes to seeking out roles he thinks he'd be perfect for.

The casting wheels are still turning for The Little Mermaid, so the only thing left to do now, like Navarro, is sit back and wait to see who ends up snagging some very fun roles. We'll be sure to let you know should Navarro totally bag the role he went out for.

Chloe x Halle‘s Halley Baileyis set to take on the role of Ariel in the live action movie.