90 Day Fiancé: Geoffrey Paschel Claims He Slept With Over 500 Women

90 Day Fiancé star Geoffrey Paschal claims he slept with over 500 women. The 90 Day Fiancé star striped on and Instagram Live session and answered fans' sexy questions.

Fans have followed Geoffrey closely since his time on the popular TLC show. Since the news broke that Paschel had a criminal record more than mile-long, fans have been calling for his removal from the show.

He was cast as the villain and played the role extremely well. Whether he was just using his acting chops or revealing his true colors, fans decided long ago that they did not like him, especially after watching him immediately jump to Mary Wallace after Varya Malina said she needed more time to marry him.

Since the show ended Geoffrey has made sure to keep himself in the limelight. He often makes appearances on The Domenick Nati Show.

The two are also friends so the reality star feels a bit easier opening up to the journalist. Over the weekend, the two decided to play a game of Strip Question Box which resulted in the two men stripping off articles of clothing.

The interview took place on June 27th  during one of Nati’s Instagram Live sessions. The session was recorded and can be rewatched on Domenick Nati's YouTube account - check out the full interview below:

The premise behind the games was to answer whatever question was asked of you. If one of the participants decided not to answer they were expected to remove a piece of clothing.

Fans who are familiar with Geoffrey knew that he enjoys the attention the limelight brings. Over the course of two hours, he answered multiple questions that were sexual in nature. One question referred to how many sexual partners he had in his life, while many other questions were about his preferences while in the bedroom.

Fans who stuck it out the to end learned that Geoffrey claimed he had sex with over 500 women. Viewers did not believe his answer especially when the reality star asked, "Is that a lot?" Geoffrey went on to say that by 18 years he had already slept with one hundred ladies.

By the end of the show, the Tennessee native had stripped down to nothing and was showing his backside to the camera.

The whole half-hour ordeal was a bit too much for some fans. They felt once again the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star was trying a bit too hard to stay relevant.

Varya even showed up at the last minute but the game had already ended. Based on this behavior, fans are sure that this means that he's currently single and that he's not dating Varya or Mary.

There is no doubt that Geoffrey is possibly already onto his 501st interaction in the bedroom.

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