’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Colt’s Ex-Wife Larissa Faces Off With New Girlfriend Jess

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Colt Johnson of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? is experiencing problems with his ex-wife Larissa dos Santos Lima. It seems Larissa is threatening to tell his latest girlfriend everything about Colt. Meanwhile,

Colt’s mom, Deb, is also speaking up about the new love in her son’s life.

As noted by The Blast, a teaser is released for the latest season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. In the clip, fans see Colt Johnson moving on after his divorce from Larissa dos Santos Lima. The pair got divorced last year after Larissa’s arrest for domestic violence.

After the divorce, Colt hits Instagram to say his problems are behind him. Right now, he is now ready to start over and do it right this time. Speaking of quarantine, Colt asks how people manage their mental health? He stresses that exercise and mental training are crucial to staying healthy and productive. Meanwhile, something tells 90 Day Fiancé fans this will be a challenge for Colt himself.

In this new season, Colt introduces fans to the new lady in his life, Jess Caroline – another Brazilian. In the teaser, Colt says that after what happens with him and Larissa, he is ready to start living his best life. Meanwhile, the camera pans to Colt and Jess relaxing at the beach. Colt can be seen posing in a brightly-colored speedo.

The new season is looking challenging for Colt and his mom Deb. Deb is ready to face off with his latest girlfriend after battling it out with Larissa last year. Can anyone say “Mommy’s boy?” On that note, Deb says in a confessional that she doesn’t know if Jess understands the bond that she and Colt have. Moreover, the tough mom goes on to say, if Jess tries to break that bond, she is going to have a “rude awakening.”

In the teaser for the new season, there is a taste of Larissa meeting Jess for lunch. Larissa is planning to tell Jess all about Colt. In fact, she says Caroline should know the truth about him.

Meanwhile, Larissa can be seen with her on-and-off boyfriend, Eric. She recently hinted she has opened an OnlyFans account with Eric on social media. On top of this, she admits that, if she was offered $500,000, she would be prepared to shoot porn.

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