'90 Day Fiancé' Star Larissa dos Santos Lima Claps Back Over Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Comment

The reality star participated in a Q&A on Instagram with fans. During the chat she spoke about her ex-husband Colt Johnson, moving to LA and launching her OnlyFans account.

One fan asked, “Are you planning to keep living in Las Vegas? LA and Miami are definitely more you.” Larissa replied, “people believe I am a party girl. No. I hate LA. I hate living in big cities. I love small cities. Don’t like Miami.”

Another asked why she didn’t maintain her marriage with Colt. She said the answer didn’t really matter but fans should stay tuned to the show.

One troll decided to shade Larissa over her plastic surgery decisions. Some accuse her of starting to look like Michael Jackson with the work done to her face. The reality star had a clever response to someone asking, “Do you want to become Michael Jackson?”

She said, “People think they offend me. I love Michael Jackson. I love the exaggerating look. If I can look like him. love, love.

Larissa told her fans to stay inside and not go outside in the crowds. She warned the virus is going to spike and wanted everyone to be safe.

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