90 Day Fiance: Varya Refuses to Show Up at Tell-All Without Geoffrey

Varya refused to show up at the 90 Day Fiance tell-all reunion without Geoffrey. Was Varya being controlled by Geoffrey once more and making this decision on her own?

Since the news broke that Geoffrey Paschel had a criminal record more than mile-long, fans have been calling for his removal from the show. He was cast as the villain and played the role extremely well.

Whether he was just using his acting chops or revealing his true colors, fans decided long ago that they did not like him, especially after watching him immediately jump to Mary Wallace after Varya said she needed more time to marry him.

Fans were split down the middle whether they wanted Varya and Geoffrey to take part but in the end, the TLC network decided it was not right for Geoffrey to be apart of the reunion due to him misleading the network about his criminal background. Varya was invited but the made the decision not to attend because she felt it was disrespectful to show up without him. The Russian believed she entered the show as a team and felt it would have been wrong for her to appear without him by her side.

Geoffrey admitted that he was not invited to the TLC reunion tell-all at the end of May. After seeing the leaked footage, we can confirm Geoffrey made no appearance. The Knoxville native went on to say he felt the network caved to the pressure of a few thousand people calling for his removal. Geoffrey continued to say that the #MeToo movement and the current climate had caused the network to “cower to the minority.”  Instead, the fifteen minutes of fame has gone to his head as he has decided to release his own tell-all on his personal YouTube channel.

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