A ‘Big Brother‘ Fan Tried to Expose Tommy and Christie‘s Friendship to the Other Houseguests

In Big Brother, the motto is always expect the unexpected. CBS definitely stays true to their slogan with plenty of twists, secrets, and blindsides, but sometimes things happen that even production can’t plan for. Exhibit A: a Big Brother fan gone rogue.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a little background info on the Big Brotherhouse (it’s important, I promise). The BB house isn’t actually a house...well, at least not in the sense that most people think of. It’s actually a set that’s built on a soundstage. The “house” sits on the CBS Studios lot in Los Angeles, which has been also used to film a whole bunch of iconic shows, such as Will & Grace, That ’70s Show, Parks and Recreation, Seinfeld, and more.

Since the location is widely known, it’s not exactly impossible to go there. There’s def security, but that hasn’t stopped fans from trying to sneak in anyway. And it appears at least one person was successful this season.

Late Monday night, someone decided to try and get on the lot. The backyard of the BB house is fenced in, but it’s still an open-air space (aka there’s no roof). The intruder took advantage of that and decided to try and spread information about Christie's and Tommy's friendship via a bullhorn (yep, really). Someone named Roger Graimes claimed he hired a DJ to stand outside the lot and broadcast this message to the houseguests:

“Christie and Tommy have been close friends for more than 12 years. Christie dated Tommy’s aunt for more than seven years. Christie and Tommy operated a business together for more than three years. Big Brother fans for fairness.”

That message was followed up by a replay of a clip from the first episode, wherein Christie says she and Tommy know each other.

“Tommy being in this house could be an amazing thing for my game or it could be a horrible thing and blow up in our faces if anyone finds out that we know each other,” Christie says in the clip.

Apparently, Roger wasn’t lying. Someone captured a video of the incident and posted it to Twitter that same night.

Yeah, absolutely WILD. The only problem is that the live feeds were down for a while after the incident, so it’s unclear who heard what. Production might have asked the houseguests not to talk about it (to discourage anyone else from trying to attempt something similar), but Holly did ask Jackson if he heard what was said.

Cliff also addressed the incident the next morning while he was talking to the camera.

“We had something unsettling happen last night,” he said. “And I’m not gonna talk about it with any detail because it doesn’t merit it. And fortunately it didn’t work the way someone wanted it to work. It won’t have an effect on any of us. It just hits home that a lot of people are invested in this game. A lot of people are paying attention.”

Soooo it appears Cliff might be the only person in the house who actually heard what the message said. But no one seems to care too much about it regardless, so the endeavor— while impressive—was kind of a flop.

And in case you’re wondering, this kind of thing has happened before. On season 19, someone basically did the same thing but said, “America loves Jess; Paul is a bully.” However, no one on that season heard the message either so...another fail. People also try to fly banners over the backyard pretty frequently, but production makes the house guests come inside before they get too close.

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