A Meeting With the Parents Ends in Tears for Brittany on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

A day after Brittany and Yazan's airport reunion turned into an expletive-laced disaster, the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple tried to get back on track.

Yazan arrived at her hotel room and she was expecting him to come with an apology.

He said he was jealous and explained in a confessional that she wasn't respecting him or the Muslim traditions by hugging the crew member in public and bringing alcohol with her.

"You need to recognize your own crazy," she told him.

They set off to see his family, not exactly on the same page about everything.

The fighting continued in the car as Brittany tried to explain she has her own set of customs and traditions and by forcing her to give them up, he's not respecting her.

With his parents, things went from bad to worse. Yazan's father pushed for marriage as soon as possible, but Brittany said she wanted her father there—and has yet to tell them she's still not technically divorced from her ex. Did she explore Islam when she was home? No.

Did she cancel her social media accounts and make attempts to live more in line with the Islamic faith? No.

Then Yazan's mom, who asked not to appear on camera due to her beliefs, went off on Brittany. How long are they supposed to wait for her? She wants grandkids.

How long are they supposed to wait for her to make the changes they are demanding of her?

The meeting ended with Brittany in tears, unable to understand what was being shouted at her.