Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven Adams slams ex Bear Brown amid custody war

ALASKAN Bush People star Raiven Adams slammed her ex Bear Brown for posting 'inappropriate' pics of their son amid their custody war.

The reality TV had posted a picture of his young son on social media and gushed over how adorable he was.

Raiven, 22, took to Instagram on Sunday to let her followers know that they won't be seeing much of her son, River.

"Unfortunately, due to recent events, I won't be posting photos of my son," she shared on Instagram stories.

"His privacy is more important, and the way they are being used by everyone else is not appropriate."

Her post comes just one day after proud dad Bear had gushed over his son on social media.

Bear, whose real name is Solomon, shared a picture on his Instagram of his adorable baby son.

"I’ll resist posting too many pictures of this little bundle of joy!," the proud 31-year-old father wrote.

"But check out how peaceful he looks resting in his little bread roll bed!"

However, he has yet to meet his son as he lives in Washington while Raiven lives in Alaska with River.

The Alaskan Bush People stars are currently battling it out over custody of their son, whom Bear had doubted was his in the beginning.

On Thursday, a fan asked Raiven if River will be an “extreme child,” referring to Bear’s popular catchphrase.

Raiven responded with a facepalm emoji.

She added: “River will be exactly who he wants to be, but I highly doubt that he will be ‘extreme.’

“Every child should have their own identity.”

Bear and Raiven have had a tumultuous relationship ever since she became pregnant with their child.

She filed a restraining order against Bear in February, accusing him of exhibiting “erratic” and “abusive” behavior.

She dropped the restraining order three days before their son’s birth.

Bear alleged on social media that he wasn’t told about River’s birth until days after, but Raiven fired back by claiming she did try to contact him during labor and after delivery.

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