1)Tyler Was Born In Taylor

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was born on June 5 1991 in Taylor, Michigan. His parents are Chuck and Cynthia Blevins. He is 27 years old.

2)He Is The Youngest Of Three Boys

Blevins is the youngest of three children. He has two older brothers, named Jonathan and Chris. Although he was born in Michigan, the family moved to Illinois when he was a baby.

3)His Dad Was A Gamer, Too

“Ninja” inherited his love for video games from his father, who enjoyed playing on the family’s Sega at night after the boys were asleep. As long as her sons kept up their grades and worked when they were old enough, Tyler’s mom let the boys have an hour of game time for every hour they spent outside.

4)He Was Kind Of A Gaming Prodigy

Although he was the youngest of the three, he had a knack for beating brothers at Halo when he was only 9 or 10 years old. He became quite serious about playing when he discovered there was money to be had. He entered a “Halo 3” event in 2009 and was soon winning cash.

5)The Blevins Family Was On ‘Family Feud’

Ninja played another type of game while others watched long before his “Halo” and “Fortnite” days. The Blevins family appeared on “Family Feud” in 2015. They big, too — walking away with more than $40,000.

6)The Blevins Family Endured A ‘Swatting’ Incident

It’s no secret that the internet can bring out the worst in some people. Tyler and his parents learned firsthand how true this can be. They were once the victims of swat calling, a dangerous prank in which someone calls in a fake emergency. The police surrounded the Blevins home with guns drawn until they determined it was a phony report.

7)The Name ‘Ninja’ Is Based On A ‘Halo’ Move

Tyler chose the alias of Ninjafrom his “Halo”-playing days.Ninja was a tactic in “Halo 3.” With the right armor, weapons and moves, players could learn to strike without being seen.

8)He Kept His Job When He Started Making Money Gaming

After he started earning money from streaming, he still went to school and held a job.

“It was one of those things where if I was doing well in school, putting in the time and effort there, and soccer as well, that I would be rewarded to play as many games as I want,” he told CNBC. “I maintained my job that I was working at Noodles & Company and I stayed in college while I was doing all of these things.”

9)He Was Cautious About A Career In Gaming

Tyler didn’t put all his eggs in one basket. The gamer did his best in college, at work and whatever he was doing,he told CNBC. “I continued to do well in school and focus on the future of my life.”

10)He Almost Didn’t Meet His Wife

Tyler is now happily married to his wife Jessica, but the couple nearly never met. Her ex-boyfriend asked her to attend a “Halo” tournament before they broke up. He persuaded her to attend, even though she had to drive 3 1/2 hours through a snowstorm to get there. Tyler had a girlfriend at the time, but three years after they met, the two reconnected on Twitter. They married in 2017.

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