1)It was originally a TV show

The early beginnings of the world of Zombieland came to the doorstep of a major network: CBS. The original concept of the story began as a tv script from the writers. However, CBS never made a move to produce the pilot.

2)Patrick Swayze Almost Played the Celebrity Zombie Cameo

3)The Hannah Montana Hummer Scene was Ad-libbed

4)Every Drop Of Blood Was Digitally Added

5)Harrelson Wasn't The First Choice For Tallahassee

Actor Kirk Ward was originally in mind to take the role of Tallahassee in the film. Although he was eventually replaced in the movie with Woody Harrelson, Ward still found a home in the Zombieland universe.

6) Abigail Breslin Adopted The Puppy From The Movie

The puppy selected for the film actually came from a local shelter in Georgia and was selected just for the film. Once actress Abigail Breslin saw him, however, she could not resist keeping him. For her 13th birthday present to herself, she decided to adopt the dog.

7.Woody Harrelson Learned To Play The Banjo For Real

Included in his method acting for the role was taking on the task of learning how to play an instrument.

8) Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Was Almost The Opening Song

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was one of the final choices, along with Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through the Tulips". The final pick went to Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.

9)Harrelson Attacked A Photographer And Blamed The Movie For It

Harrelson had a run-in with a TMZ reporter as LaGuardia Airport back in 2009 not long after filming had concluded. However, he suggested that his confrontation was due to being confused after his last role.

10) The Movie Was Adapted into A TV Show 

The popularity of the film brought the creators back to where they started with a new TV script.

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