Amber Gill kicks off new Love Island feud as she slams George Rains by liking tweet about him

AMBER Gill has kicked off a new Love Island feud with contestant George Rains after she liked a fan post claiming he's been using Yewande Biala to gain attention.

Love Island winner Amber, 22, was one of Yewande's best pals in the villa, and they've continued their friendship in the outside world.

And it seems the Geordie lass isn't happy with George associating himself with her friend, after they were seen getting close on Instagram.

She like a tweet reading: "I told y'all that George was moving funny but y'all didn't listen. 'I'm busy' busy with what, sir?

"Promoting uselessness on ig for a quick buck???

"I knew you wasn't on my sis level from the get-go. But you was camping on my sis ig story with your tent. So all this energy is smh."

Last month The Sun Online exclusively revealed how George was pursuing Yewande in order to stay in the spotlight.

The Irish scientist, 23, and handsome builder 22, fuelled speculation they were dating but were in fact fooling fans.

A source close to the pair told The Sun Online: “George didn’t have much luck in the villa with Lucie but kept trying with her once she left.

“He used to comment on all her pictures and tried to pin her down for a date but it didn’t happen.

“He’s moved onto Yewande now because he knows she’s got a big following. It’s almost like he will do anything to stay in the limelight.”

Their followers were convinced they were dating after Yewande posted a video of George on her Instagram stories – showing him with her foundation clearly visible above his lip and on his nose.

George also took Yewande out on a golf date earlier that day.

The Essex boy shared a story on Yewande practising her swing on his Instagram account.

He cheekily recorded her missing the ball and captioned the footage: "@yewande_biala not her sport of choice."

The pair regularly commented on each other's Instagram posts with suggestive replies that pointed to a potential romance.

Yewande posted a picture of herself in a white shirt and black leggings, captioned: 'What's your favourite place to go for brunch?"

And hunky George  wasted no time replying: "Where ever you are" complete with a side-eye emoji.

Neither George or Yewande had much success on Love Island.

Yewande coupled up with Danny Williams early in the series, but that ended in disaster after his head was turned by bombshell Arabella Chi.

He ended up recoupling with Arabella, albeit briefly, and sending Yewande home.

Meanwhile George, who came in later at the Casa Amor stage of the competition, seemed to hit it off with Lucie Donlan but this fizzled quickly after she decided they didn't have a connection.

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