Amber Heard's Attempt to Dismiss Johnny Deep's Defamation Case Has Been Denied

Amber Heard had filed a motion to have her ex-husband Johny Depp ‘s $50 million defamation lawsuit against her dismissed, but the judge has decided the case will continue.

In the piece, published in 2018, Heard went back to her previous claims that Depp had assaulted her during their marriage, though she did not identify him by name.

Judge Bruce D. White on Friday ruled that Depp can proceed under the theory that Heard's statements clearly implied that Depp had assaulted her.

“Defendant’s Demurrer is sustained as to the fourth statement listed above, but it is overruled as to the other three statements,” White wrote. “Further, Defendant’s Plea in Bar regarding the statute of limitations is denied. Counsel shall prepare an Order reflecting the Court’s ruling and forward that Order to the Court for entry.”

Depp filed the lawsuit in Virginia, where the defamation laws are more flexible than in other states.

Amber‘s lawyer responded to the decision with a statement.

“Today’s decision leaves it to a jury to decide the meaning of Ms. Heard’s op-ed and the truth of what she said,” Roberta Kaplan told Deadline. “As we have said all along, the courts have strong mechanisms in place for determining the truth… Here, we remain confident that Ms. Heard will prevail at trial when the jury is presented with evidence on the question that the Court identified – namely, whether ‘Ms. Heard was abused by Mr. Depp.’”

Johnny sued Amber for defamation because of the op-ed piece she wrote for the Washington Post, in which she talked about the domestic abuse she allegedly suffered.

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