An Alleged 'Secret Text Message ' May Have Just Revealed 'The Bachelor's' Final Three Contestants

This week's episodes of The Bachelor Australia may be yet to air, but it appears the drama is already beginning, with recent reports allegedly revealing the show's top three finalists.

According to Woman's Day, which claims to have obtained exclusive photos of a text exchange where chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod may have accidentally exposed this year's final three contestants.

As per the report, Chelsie was apparently caught out after texting fellow contestants Helena Sauzier and Abbie Chatfield in a group chat named "MA Absolute Best", arousing speculation that the initials refer to Bachelor Matt Agnew and the title alludes to the top three contestants at the end of the show.

Based on the report, it would appear that the three are on friendly terms, despite having spent several weeks competing for Matt's attention.

Although it is unclear who said what within the chat, Woman's Day reports that some of the messages, seemingly addressing Chelsie, include "Tell me about the mans" and "Story start to finish" and "I wanna live vicariously through you".

And while the show is still a way off its finale, many fans already suspect Chelsie to the victor, with the 28-year-old currently tipped by SportsBet as the most likely to win.

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