Annoying football fan is pushed off the train as the doors are closing by a fed-up passenger

A fed-up London Underground passenger shoved an annoying football fan off a train after he kept chanting about Chelsea.

The man, dressed in a yellow shirt and shorts, was repeatedly shouting 'Chelsea, Chelsea' as he staggered around while travelling on a westbound Central Line train on Saturday, imploring his fellow passengers to join in.

When the train pulled into St Paul's station, he stood with arms raised in the open doorway to serenade those on the platform.

That's when another passenger spotted his chance and pushed the Chelsea fan off the train moments before the doors slammed shut.

It left him stranded on the platform and attracted the ire of a woman travelling with the annoying passenger.

She shouted: 'Stop, what you doing? You f***ing idiot!' while signalling to her stranded companion to meet her at the next station.

The moment was caught on video and shared on YouTube and social media. The caption read: 'He wasn't being offensive or anything - just one of those London things you get late at night on the tube.'

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