Anton reveals he had massive ‘raging’ argument with Michael just before Love Island dumping

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

ANTON Danyluk has lifted the lid on a secret row he had with fellow Love Island star Michael Griffiths that never made it to our screens.

The Scotsman, 24, has revealed that he fell out with the firefighter, 27, in an argument that took place at the island club - just before he had to decide whether to save Michael and Joanna Chimonides or Jordan Hames and Anna Vakili from a shock dumping.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1's with Raj and Pilar, he The Reality Tea Podcast he said:

“You guys saw how upset I got when I had to choose between Michael and Jordan.

"Basically, I was always gonna choose Michael because we started our journey together but what you guys didn’t see is that me and Michael had a slight argument just before that happened."

He continued: "Me and him had never fell out but we actually fell out just before Caroline walked in and we just looked at each other and I was like, “Bro, I’m so sorry”, I just felt so bad that we had actually fallen out."

Anton then went on to explain that the reason he argued with his pal was to do with his girlfriend Belle Hassan.

"It was actually because me and Belle had fallen out and he was comforting Belle," he recalled. "Which was the right thing to do, but I was like, 'You’re my boy, why are you not seeing if I'm OK? You’re seeing if she’s ok.'"

And it was clearly more than just a tiff as Anton claimed the pair were "raging".

He said: "We had a bit of an argument then Caroline literally walked in and the two of us were raging at each other."

And Anton added that the heated fallout contributed to his tears as he thought it might be the last time he would see his mate in the villa.

"Michael was standing up there and I just remember looking at him and I just got so emotional because I thought, 'We've been through so much in here and the last thing I’m gonna see of you in the villa is us arguing' and that’s why I got so upset that day."

When Michael did eventually leave the following week after Amber Gill chose Greg O'Shea over him in the recoupling ceremony, Anton was similarly emotional.

In fact, Anton's emotions were high throughout his time on the show.

He was in tears early on when Joe Garratt got dumped. Later, when Craig David delivered a surprise performance in the villa, he cried tears of happiness, and he was a blubbering wreck when he was reunited with his family.

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