Australians Mistook India's Chandrayaan 2 for an UFO and tried to shoot it with a Nerf gun.

India successfully launched the Chandrayaan  at 2:43 pm, it was about 7:30 pm in the night, in Australia. That was incidentally also the time around which a ‘strange’ light was seen in the skies over the Northern Territory and Queensland which left many people in awe.  Many folks in Australia were convinced that a strange, bright light that suddenly beamed in the sky on the night of July 22,was a UFO sighting.

A local councillor named Shauna Rayes on ABC News Facebook page, who said that about 160 people around her spotted the light in the sky. "It was quite a bright, unusual light with a tail on it. It was travelling north-east and we watched it for probably two or three minutes before it faded out. We had no idea what it was. It was really unusual,” she said.

Another person named Jacob Blunt also posted a video of the flashing light and commented saying, "I thought it was a UFO, so I tried to shoot it with my Nerf gun.”

Space travel is awfully interesting for many but this interpretation goes beyond scientific wonder and borders at fantastical imagination. Netizens did some speculating and finally came to the conclusion that the rumours of a spacecraft and alien ship can’t be real.

In the chart below trajectory that Chandrayaan-2 was to follow that ISRO telecast during the live feed of the launch, one can see that it is going from the south (notice the boundaries of Sri Lanka in the far left corner). So, in all probability Chandrayaan 2 passed over the Southern hemisphere and most likely over Australia too

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