Bachelor alum Michelle Money reveals she has become a 'more strict' parent since daughter accident

The Bachelor alum Michelle Money revealed she has become a 'more strict' parent since her 15-year-old daughter Brielle's accident.

Brielle suffered a skateboard crash in March and was put in a 10-day medically induced coma, ultimately spending 26 days in the hospital before being discharged. 

The 39-year-old TV star told Us Weekly that the harrowing experience has made her 'drastically' reevaluate her previously relaxed approach to parenting.

Michelle also pointed out the fact that she herself now has a live-in boyfriend, pro golfer Mike Weir, which adds another dynamic to the relationship.

'And I think, you know, especially when you're blending families, like with Mike and I moving in together, and you just kinda want everything to be easy,' she said.

Before Brielle went on the skateboarding outing where she had the accident, Michelle urged her to put on the helmet.

She confessed that 'the truth is, I knew she wasn't gonna do it and I still let her go, and - because I didn't wanna fight.'

Michelle said: 'There's, you know, so when you're laying there and your daughter's on her deathbed and you as a mother are like, I should have put the helmet on her head, strapped it in and said: "You wear the helmet or you don't go."'

Mother and daughter had a discussion where Michelle said: 'I love you so much and I have not shown up for you the way that I need to as your mother, and so we have to make some changes. Like I have to show up differently in your life, because you are my responsibility and I don't ever wanna be put in this situation again.' 

Michelle told Us Weekly that 'things have drastically changed and we have pulled back on her screen time, we've pulled back on her curfew, we've pulled ba- I mean, all the things I wanted to do but never wanted to fight with her about, it was like: "We're reining this in."' 

She added that Brielle's 'dad and I are both really on the same page with all of it. It was kind of like we were able to push reset a little bit.

MIchelle added that 'fortunately we were lucky enough to where Brielle walked out of the hospital alive and we got the chance to kind of reparent her, where a lot of people don't get that opportunity and live with regret their whole life. And I'm like, I will not live in regret. I won't.'

The mother of one also gave an update on Brielle's health, revealing 'she does not remember the accident, she doesn't remember the day before the accident - she has very few memories of her 26 days in the hospital.'

Brielle is physically fine but 'brain injuries take at least a year to fully recover from, and so, it's only been a few months, so she's still struggling with short-term memory. One of the funny side effects is like she seems to have lost her filter.'

Michelle said that her daughter has 'kind of just been like extra funny and extra, like, inappropriate and we're like: "All right, kid."'

On a serious note Michelle said: 'But outside of that, you know, as we're about to go back into the school year, it'll be a whole nother set of challenges for us, because we're not entirely sure how she's gonna do with multiple classes, and multiple like, you know, studying, and just, her brain isn't quite ready for all that.'

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