'Bachelor in Paradise' couple Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone: John Paul Jones ruined our wedding

Krystal and Chris opened up to Access about the dramatic confrontation viewers will see on Tuesday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise 's sixth season between John Paul and fellow cast member Derek Perth.

"He owes my wife an apology. We can just make it clear. Once he sees it, he'll probably feel embarrassed, which he should," Chris told Access.

On Bachelor in Paradise, John Paul had a romance with Tayshia Adams until she decided to pursue Derek instead and accept his rose at the third Rose Ceremony of the season.

In an exclusive clip of the next broadcast obtained by Access, John Paul says to Derek at the wedding, "Name one thing that I just mentioned that is false."

"All of that is false!" Derek replies.

"Get out of my sight!" John Paul yells, before Tayshia is shown crying to her girlfriends.

A preview that aired at the end of last night's episode also showed John Paul yelling, "Don't insult my intelligence... You take advantage of women!"

Krystal told Access this scene went down right before her wedding reception, during the cocktail hour.

"We had heard through our family and friends that there was a dark cloud that was kind of going over [everything]," Krystal shared.

Chris agreed there was a turn of events after the actual wedding ceremony, which he described as "beautiful" and "perfect."

"That dark cloud was John Paul Jones," Krystal said. "And that dark cloud was John Paul Jones," Chris reiterated. "For one, I'm definitely not a fan of him. I did not know him."

"I will say this though," Krystal interjected.

"I had heard -- he seemed super likeable, so it was really unexpected. You're always nervous there's that one guest that causes drama and brings heat, and you're like, 'This is not your moment, dude. Step back.' And he was that guy."

Krystal elaborated, "It was really difficult when we're at the wedding reception and we're trying to enjoy ourselves... he confronts Derek, very aggressively. And it caused a huge ripple at the wedding, and you could just feel that energy."

Although Krystal admitted both she and Chris had stirred up drama on their respective seasons of the franchise, Chris called John Paul's behavior "unacceptable."

"I hope he's learned his lesson," Krystal said. "Like, you just don't play it that way."

Krystal was a bit more graceful in her comments about John Paul, as Chris let his true feelings be known.

"It's just a complete lack of awareness. And with friends and family there and it being not our day, but her day -- you know, like this is her moment -- to take away from that is completely selfish, and the way that he attacked Derek is completely unacceptable," Chris insisted.

"Because there's nothing that would lead you to believe why that conversation would even happen, and so it leaves you in a state of confusion of wondering where John Paul Jones even comes up with these assumptions or these fabrications that he's created in his head."

Chris also said the fight was unfair for Derek, calling it "a really big blow."

"Derek had just endured a rough situation with Demi Burnett leaving him for Kristian Haggerty, and so, you're combining all these things with someone who is kind of stealing the show per se because of being an aggressive narcissistic, which is how it looks," Chris told Access.

Chris also called John Paul's actions "distasteful" and was especially bothered by the fact his mother had been among the family and friends nearby to witness the wild altercation.

"It didn't leave me with the best image or idea of who John Paul Jones is," Chris shared.

Chris then recalled what Derek had told him about the fight at the wedding.

"From what I've heard from Derek, [John Paul] said that what he did in Paradise, he didn't care and that he was right for what he did and he was taking out the trash at the wedding," Chris said.

"But I think the only trash that was there was John Paul Jones himself."

As shown in the latest episode, Tayshia convinced Derek to move on and give romance between them a shot while he was still nursing a broken heart from his failed relationship with Demi.

Tayshia was having fun with John Paul, but she thought Derek was more of a "solid" option given he's mature and established in his career and life.

Tayshia and Derek shared a kiss at the cocktail party preceding the season's third Rose Ceremony and then Derek gave her a rose.

John Paul, however, was crazy about Tayshia and had fallen hard for her. He could envision a future with Tayshia and preferred her over his two other potential love interests,Tahzjuan Hawkins and Haley Ferguson, each of whom he had enjoyed a date with.

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