Bachelor in Paradise: John Paul Jones’ New Love Triangle Includes Tahzjuan & Haley

Following a romance with Tayshia Adams on the Bachelor in Paradise, John Paul Jones - temporarily, at least - moved on to focus on his new love triangle with Haley Ferguson and Tahzjuan Hawkins. More than just a funny guy, Jones is inexplicably now one of the most sought after guys in Paradise.

After turning into a social media sensation during Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, Jones was a lock to be cast on season six of Bachelor in Paradise. Although he made friends easily in Paradise, he didn't find a romantic connection until he and Adams linked up for one of the most unlikely, yet oddly satisfying, duos on the show. Though Adams enjoyed her time with Jones, she was skeptical about how realistic it was that the relationship would work outside of Mexico. She allowed Jones to date other women, and Jones reluctantly - and then, with the flip of a switch, whole-heartedly - obliged. Soon, Jones found himself in a dilemma between two girls, neither of them Adams.

First, Hawkins showed up to the beach and asked Jones out on a date. As if playing a character rather than searching for love, Jones ate the date food - a Bachelor faux pas, Hawkins pointed out - and then started gagging on his meal. That didn't stop Hawkins from being attracted to Jones, somehow, as the two then enjoyed the customary make-out session in the pool. Ferguson followed, and their date involved a sensual rubdown with more kissing. This led to an awkward encounter afterwards with Hawkins asking Jones and Ferguson how their date went, interrogating the pair for all the salacious details.

After Jones chose Ferguson and sent a hot-and-bothered Hawkins home, he realized his true love interest was still Adams. By then, Adams had started hanging out with Derek Peth, who had recently been dumped with Demi Burnett. Jones confronted Peth during the televised wedding of Krystal Neilson and Randone, and, in a bout of unmitigated rage, accused Peth of pursuing Adams with ill intentions. Adams, seeing this unfold, was overcome with emotion.

Perhaps no character in the history of the Bachelor franchise has been as enigmatic as Jones. He's shifted, almost in the blink of an eye, from fun ancillary character who can do no harm to spiteful villain acting erratically. While Jones' latest antics have more viewers scratching their heads than laughing, he's still found a way to be entertaining, even if he ruined a wedding in the process.

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