Bachelor In Paradise's Blake Horstmann is revealed to be a serial player

Drama heated up the screen on Monday night’s premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, as Blake Horstmann, the man most desired by women on the show, was revealed to be a player who had simultaneously dated several co-stars.

As filming began at the Playa Escondida resort in Sayulita, Mexico, the handsome, affable Blake, 30, one of the final two on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, was at the top of every woman’s list, noted for his easy charm

‘He treats women like scum,’ revealed Caelynn, who had initially been introduced to Blake by Colton Underwood, the star of Bachelor Season 23, on which she had appeared with nine other women at the resort.

But Caelynn quickly set about letting everyone know looks were deceiving, telling friends one by one that he had dated her for months, ghosted her, slept with another show contestant, then told her to lie about everything.

‘Everywhere I look, everyone’s talking about how great Blake is, how cute Blake is, how sweet Blake is,’ said Caelynn Miller-Keyes, 24. ‘I’m like, “If you only knew.”’

l behavior, pulls him aside with a curt, “We need to talk.” That’s right, dude — another woman wants (and deserves) an apology.

“You literally called me a mistake!” says Caelynn, who’s getting increasingly upset. “We know each other, dude. Just, like, acknowledge me, talk to me, don’t ignore me and make me feel like this f—ing dirty secret!” When denying everything doesn’t work, Blake just starts repeating “I’m so sorry” over and over, but it’s disingenuous at best. “I did not know you felt this way,” says Blake, playing (really) dumb for the camera. Good luck with that, buddy — because you do look like “the worst human in the world.”

As soon as Kristina gives Tayshia the full scoop, she pulls the plug on her nascent relationship with the former King of Paradise. “There’s no way I can trust Blake,” she says. “He’s a freaking player.”

The sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise began with a spring in its step, as viewers caught up with their favorite past contestants, including some from the recently aired Season 15 Bachelorette with Hannah Brown, 24.

Kevin Fortenberry, 27, who appeared on that show, had completely changed his physique since he’d been rejected by Hannah, working out 4 to 5 hours a day and fasting to become ‘swollen’ with muscles.

‘You’re all Paradise-d up,’ said host Chris Harrison, 51.

Demi Burnett, 24, who’d been on Colton’s season, confessed in a pre-show chat with her old friend Hannah that she had—‘plot twist’—started dating a woman she was very interested in, though they were not exclusive.

‘It’s not something that I have to label,’ Demi said of her sexuality. ‘I feel like I don’t have to proclaim I am gay, I am straight, I am bisexual, I am this…I just like who I like.’

It had been confusing for her, she admitted. ‘I just feel like the only way for me to truly know what I want, and how I want to love, and who I want to love is if I try out Paradise.’

Clay Harbor, 31, from Becca’s season, revealed that he recently hooked up with former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Angela Amezcua, 29, but broke up with her after realizing ‘we just weren’t each other’s person.’

As the Bachelor in Paradise cast slowly gathered on the beach, both the men and women agreed that their options were vast, though a few favorites quickly emerged.

‘I’m just hoping we don’t have any drama, that everybody’s on the same page,’ opined Dylan Barbour, 24, from Hannah’s season, as Kevin said the women were ‘solid.’

Just then, controversial contestant Cam Ayala, 30, who had been on their season with them, walked up to the resort’s entrance, throwing everyone into a tailspin.

Noted for his catchphrase ‘ABC: Always Be Cam, he had previously annoyed everyone on the show by constantly introducing on their time with Hannah and telling suspect stories about his past, designed to garner attention.

I’m hoping he learned from whatever backlash he might have gotten because of his actions and he comes here a better person—but I highly, highly doubt it,’ said Kevin.

‘I’m just going to be myself, be the bold, fun-loving individual that I am,’ Cam told Chris, after being shown rapping onstage. ‘Hopefully a lady gravitates toward that.’

And at the end of it all, several people got engaged.

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