'Bachelor in Paradise': Wells Adams on the Worst Mistake Blake Horstmann Made

Wells Adams thinks Blake Horstmann and Dean Unglert are "neck and neck" for the title of biggest Bachelor in Paradise f**kboy. 

Unglert earned the title in 2017, after stringing along both Danielle Lombard and Kristina Schulman on the Bachelor spinoff. Horstmann did most of his damage before Paradise this year, as he slept with Schulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes back-to-back at Stagecoach, then slid into Tayshia Adams' DMs and visited Hannah Godwin in Alabama for a quick makeout session. 

"Who knows who's going to end up winning that race?" Adams joked to ET's Lauren Zima on Tuesday of comparisons between Hostmann and Unglert. The Paradise bartender thinks it's time to forgive Horstmann for his tomfoolery at Stagecoach -- "Effectively, it was a single guy who probably made some bad decisions," he reasoned -- but he's still not over what came next.

"He should not have [released his texts with Caelynn]," he shared. 

Horstmann shared his private texts with Miller-Keyes on Aug. 6, just one day after the season premiere of Paradise. He said he was trying to clear his name from her allegations that she thought they were in a relationship during Stagecoach, and that he asked her to keep their hookup a secret, though many Bachelor Nation stars have expressed their disappointment at leaking the intimate messages. 

"He was, like, an episode away from it being over. It's not his story anymore," Adams explained. "People on the show are forgiving him and stuff... he was right there. He was on the precipice of not being a focal point anymore. And then he did that, and it's, like, right back in the spotlight of a guy who just makes bad decisions when it comes to the show and with women."

As for how Horstmann should handle himself on the upcoming Paradise reunion show, Adams thinks he needs to "own what he did." 

"I don't think, saying like, 'I told you so. You saw the receipts!' Is a good play for him. I think he needs to be like, 'Listen, guys, I made a lot of bad decisions,'" he advised.

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