Bachelor reject Monique Morley reveals the BRUTAL off screen showdown with Matt Agnew

The Bachelor's Monique Morley was sent packing from the mansion after branding Matt Agnew a 'dog c**t' and later lying about making the comment to his face. 

The 26-year-old was unceremoniously given the boot after leaving Bachelor Matt unimpressed, but she now claims there was more to their tense showdown. 

Monique revealed not everything was captured on camera, as Matt had brutally called her a 'fool' in an off screen clash.

The pair came to blows after Matt confronted Monique for calling him a 'dog c**t', after Abbie Chatfield told him the blonde had used the slur in a chat off camera. 

Monique repeatedly denied using the term in an awkward exchange with Matt at the cocktail party, which only frustrated the 31-year-old more.

And now, Monique has accused the astrophysicist of being 'too hard' on her, while claiming Matt called her a 'fool' when the cameras stopped rolling. 

'I don't think he should have been as hard on me as he was,' Monique said. 

On the show, viewers saw Matt tell Monique she had broken his trust and it left him questioning their future together. So much so, that he chose to send her home. 

Following her exit, Monique explained she has ADHD and blamed not taking her medication, as the reason why she couldn't remember making the crude joke.

Playing down the term, Monique also insisted on that she calls her friends 'dog c***s' all the time. 

'Dog c*** is something I call my mates. It's kind of like a flirting term, but unfortunately [Matt] wasn't in front of me when I said it,' she joked.