Bachelor star Isabelle Davies takes a swipe at her co-stars after she failed to impress Mathew

Bachelor star Isabelle Davies failed to receive a rose from Matt Agnew on Thursday.

And after leaving the show, the statuesque beauty, 29, couldn't help but take a savage swipe at the remaining girls vying for the astrophysicist's heart. 

'I didn't need to take it to the next level and embarrass myself,' Isabelle told  Ten Daily after she refused to make a spectacle of herself in the group challenge.  

'I was in one of the kiss scenes with Matt, but obviously I didn't need to take it to the next level and embarrass myself,' she said.  

Despite gaining the ire of the other girls, she went on to say that she was happy with her own performance on the day. 

During Thursday's dramatic episode, Isabelle's actions were in stark contrast to co-star Mary Viturino, 31, who unbuttoned her top during the shoot.  

Clearly unimpressed by playing the 'ugly stepsister' in a Cinderella-themed shoot, Mary decided to unbutton her high-collared blouse to make her outfit more sexy. 

'How am I supposed to look good in a shoot with Matt looking like this. Looking like I just came back from the 1800's,' she bemoaned. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Isabelle went on to confess that while she found Matt 'charming' she was concerned by his name. 

The strapping astrophysicist shares the name of one of her brothers: 'I'd promised myself that I would never date a Matt, so I was like 'Ohhhh no!!!''  

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