Bachelor vet Arie Luyendyk Jr presents wife Lauren Burnham with a diamond eternity ring

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Arie Luyendyk Jr. gifted wife Lauren Burnham a beautiful new piece of bling to symbolize their love through dark times.

The Bachelor couple took to Instagram this week to show off a stunning diamond ring Arie presented to Lauren to add to her impressive engagement and wedding band.

In a couple of snaps Lauren, 28, flashed the platinum eternity band, by jeweler Jean Dousset, and revealed the special meaning behind it.

'This eternity band symbolizes that we will always have each other in our darkest times,' she explained in a post, adding, 'If you've been here for the last couple of months you’ll know that we recently had a period of that.'  

'I think it's safe to say he gets husband of the year. ;),' Burnham said of her 38-year-old husband. 

'Love you ❤️.' Luyendyk Jr. replied in the comments.

Burnham shared a couple of clips to her Instagram stories to show off the diamonds.

In a YouTube video Lauren explained that after finding out she was expecting her second child, a doctor's appointment raised concerns about the embryo, which was estimated to be 'eight weeks along', but looked only about five weeks.

'Our doctor assured us that it could be a number of things and not to panic about it. It could mean I'm just not as far along as I thought I was, it could mean I ovulated less, or it could mean that it's not a viable pregnancy.'

Lauren's hormone levels were monitored, and while they improved, it wasn't looking very positive.

'Bachelor' alum Arie Luyendyk Jr. shows off adorable newborn 'I was expecting to see an eight week old-ish baby,' she shared after another appointment.

'Now we’re measuring at six weeks exactly so that means we’ve made five days progress in the span of 14 days.'

On May 28, one day before Alessi's first birthday, the couple learnt they had suffered a missed miscarriage.

A missed miscarriage is when 'the embryo dies without your knowledge, and you don't deliver. 

'I was really excited to tell you guys that we were pregnant, and I feel like this is the best way for us to tell the whole story,' Lauren added, with Arie adding they wanted to share the entire experience to let others who have experienced similar things know that they are 'not alone.'

'Hopefully the next time you see a video with the word pregnancy it’s positive and it’s good news. We’ll get through this,' The Bachelor alum added.

Lauren and Arie married in January 2019, five months before welcoming Alessi Ren on May 29, 2019.

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