‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe Shows Off Home With Jason Tartick

Home sweet home! Kaitlyn Bristowe showed off her Nashville pad with boyfriend Jason Tartick in an intimate house tour.

“My House Tour!” Bristowe, 35, wrote via Instagram on Friday, July 3, alongside a video of her place. “Apparently cacti need sun, who knew? 🤦🏻‍♀️🌵 Click the link in the bio to watch my full Nashville house tour – the good, the messy, and the soon-to-be beautiful! # 9toWineShow # HouseTour @9towineshow @kincommunity.”

The Canada native, who moved to Nashville after starring on The Bachelorette, walked from room to room in her YouTube videoOpens in a new Window., beginning with the living area.

“It’s nice to have some guests in here after a long quarantine,” she told her followers to start the tour. “Am I on an episode of Cribs?”

Bristowe unveiled her “farm style living room,” which features an area for all of her games, before pointing to a pillow with her dog Pinot’s face on it.

The kitchen is currently under renovations, so the dancer showed off her kitchen table area instead.

“I used to have a cactus in this corner that looked like a huge limp penis. It was slowly dying every month,” the “Off the Vine” podcast host said. “If I can’t take care of a cactus how am I going to take care of kids?”

When it came to the dining room, Bristowe opted for a “rock and roll, Nashville vibe.” She said, “I wanted everything to be really dark and sexy and edgy.” That feel was achieved with a dark navy wall, dark wood table and portraits of musicians on the walls.

The “If I’m Being Honest” singer’s bedroom, on the other hand, is all about comfort and knick-knacks.

“Jason and I disagree on this. I’m a fan of trinkets and little bits of beautiful clutter,” she said showing off hats, candles and photos all pushed together on a gold shelf.

Her bed, however, is the pride and joy of the room.

“When I moved to Nashville, I had a mattress on the floor,” Bristowe explained. “And I was like, my goal is to feel like I’m in a hotel bed but better because I love sleep. I wanted to make this a very calm room.”

The former Bachelorette added: “We have separate closets and separate bathrooms and that, my friends, is key to a healthy and happy relationship.”

Bristowe noted that her upstairs area is her “happy place.” The space includes a swinging chair, an area for the reality star’s workout bike and a puzzle zone.

“Poor Jason, I mean he moved into my house so it’s kinda funny, because, I’m, like, it’s so feminine in here,” she said, pointing to her white, fluffy chairs.

She also explored Tartick’s bathroom, office and the site of their future gym. Plus, a look at her podcast headquarters — complete with a floral-printed wallpaper and antique mirror.

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