Behind the Scenes Facts about Jeopardy that You Didn't Know

1)The show doesn’t pay for your flight, hotel, or hair.

Even though second and third place contestants get a stipend that could cover most expenses, Sony doesn’t bankroll everyone’s trips.

They do pay for makeup but not for hair or wardrobe, so those are all things you’ll need to consider.

2) There’s a 2-step audition process.

You have to take and online test(it’s only available once a year) and answer 50 questions in 15 minutes. They never reveal your score, but if you land above a certain percentage (people think 80-85%) you’re put into a pool. Names are drawn from the pool to complete the second step, which is an in-person audition.

3)The show is all taped in one day.

Jeopardy! tapes 5 episodes in a day two days in a row, then takes a two-week break. Contestants spend the early morning filling out paperwork, getting your makeup done, and practicing your “fun facts” while casing the other contestants and doing practice rounds.

If you win the first episode you’re on, you have about 10 minutes to change your clothes and touch up your makeup before taping episode number two.

So yes, you need to pack more than one outfit.

4) You don’t get much one-on-one time with Alex Trebek.

One contestant Terri says he is “the benevolent, all-knowing sage you want him to be” but that her interactions with him her quite limited.

5) You out yourself with your own “fun facts.”

Contestants fill out a huge form asking for personal information – vacation stories, how you met your significant other, etc and then producers probe deeper in search of the gem that might make you stand out.

“I felt like my stories were pretty mundane. During the audition, I remember people talking about owning pig farms, meeting spouses on airplanes, and having bizarre landscaping fails (Alex Trebek loves home improvement stories) and feeling thoroughly unimpressive in comparison.”

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