Best New Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women 2019

A bob hairstyle is quite possibly the most classic look you can opt for, but that doesn't mean it can't feel cool and modern. The joy is that the short bob is timeless. The fact that Natalie Portman's 2003 flapper-style bob doesn't look outdated helps prove the point. The great thing about a bob hairstyle is that when cut right, it can suit most hair types and face shapes. Take a look through our gallery for the 10 bob hairstyles we're totally obsessed with right now (Jasmine Hemsley's short bob), and be prepared to feel a twang of Ooh, I want a haircut.

The Parisian-inspired bob is enough to get us on the next Eurostar to fully live the life. A little much? Make like Vanessa Hudgen and go for a rounded bob instead. Keep your ends smooth and in check with a lightweight serum. 

As far as short bobs go, Dua Lipa's has to be one of our favourites. The blunt ends chopped in that midway point between the chin and the shoulder makes hair look supremely healthy—whether it's curly, straight, or—like Lipa's—a little bit wavy.

We can't get enough of this wispy long bob with the ever so laid-back fringe. Take style notes from Jasmine Hemsley by striking the right balance of effortlessness and polish. Use a waving wand for a hint of volume without adding a curl. 

Curls can look great in a bob, too, as proven by poet Cleo Wade. Just ask your stylist to cut your hair when it's dry so you don't go shorter than you planned.

A classic. Layers, shoulder grazing, middle parting...all the components that a good bob needs. Follow Henson's lead and create a tousled finish with a spritz of Hair by Sam McKnight

On paper, the triangle shape of singer Kacy Hill's bob shouldn't work, but IRL, it's epic. We're drawn to the short blunt fringe and fiery colour, too.

If your hair is grown out but you still want to rock a bob, make like Rita Ora and pump volume into the roots. Use a heated styling brush to exaggerate the rounded ends to create the illusion of a bob.

See? Natalie Portman's 2003 bob still looks so cool. You can wear it sleek, or muss it up with texturising spray. Tempted? Us too.

We love how modern a bob hairstyle can look—especially if your hair is naturally wavy. 

For well-groomed hair, the beauty of a feminine short haircut will be a necessity. In the season of 2019, coarse boyish haircut ceases to be relevant, the graceful forms gently framing the face confidently occupy the leading place in the trend.

It is believed that a short haircut gives the image of rebellion. Looking at the photos of the short haircuts of the 2019 season, you will see that they are also charmingly sexy, not inferior to anything long. In addition, it is very convenient because it does not take much time to care for them and styling.

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