Blackpink becomes the most Subscribed Music Group in the World

Kpop Girlgroup sensation Blackpink did it once again and Broke another Rekord. Today Blackpinks YouTube channel became the most Subscribed Music Group in the world by surpassing 'One Direction'.

With currently 29,855,555 Million subscribers Blackpink is also the most subscribed Music Channel in Asia and also world Wide the 9th most subscribed music Channel in the world! 

Which shows how Big Kpop Girlgroup Blackpink in just 3 years became.

Recently Blackpink also broke another huge record for becoming the first ever Female artist with 2 Mvs with +10M Likes. World wide exists only 5 Mvs from female artists  with +10M likes. 2/5 Are now Blackpink songs!

Not long ago, BLACKPINK became the most-followed girl group on Instagram. Each member opened up brand new personal accounts to celebrate the success of Square Two‘s title track, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

In just three days, Jennie became the fastest K-Pop idol to reach 2 million Instagram followers. She and Lisa currently have over 4 million followers, and Jisoo and Rosé are well on their way to joining them.

They each have 3.8 million followers.

In addition to Instagram, BLACKPINK has now taken over YouTube. Their account currently has 9.3 million subscribers, putting them at a 5 million subscriber lead over the second-most subscribed to girl group…

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