Boris Johnson gives strong hint he WILL work with Nigel Farage's Brexit Party

Boris Johnson has hinted he is open to working with Nigel Farage by calling the success of the Brexit Party 'an incentive' for the EU to reopen talks with the UK.

Britain's new Prime Minister praised the Brexit Party for their efforts to attack the core of the EU on a visit to Scotland today.

Mr Johnson said the fact that so many Brexit Party representatives had been elected as MEPs would put extra pressure on Brussels to renegotiate a deal before the October deadline. 

'They have now got 29 members of the Brexit Party sitting in Strasbourg, not exactly full of the Ode To Joy,' he said on Monday.

'They are not going to want that situation to continue. There is big incentive on both sides to get this thing done, and we are going to come out, deal or no-deal, on October 31.'

Mr Johnson said a new free trade deal that 'allows us to take back control of our tariffs and our regulations' should be at the core of the UK's negotiations. 

Within 48 hours of assuming office last week, Mr Johnson raised eyebrows in Europe by demanding Theresa May's backstop be removed from any potential deal.

He has so far threatened to withdraw from the EU without a deal without paying the £39billion divorce bill agreed by Mrs May.

Earlier on Monday he kicked off a Brexit row with Remainer Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today by defiantly telling her it was happening on October 31 whether she likes it or not.

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