Celebs Go Dating:Fans BLAST Jack Fincham for being 'rude' to his date Megan

Jack Fincham angered viewers because of his 'rude' behaviour during a date on Wednesday's edition of Celebs Go Dating.

The former Love Island champion, 27, was paired up with 26-year-old sales manager Megan, and, although she enjoyed her date, fans of the show couldn't help but blast Jack for the way he spoke to her.

Meeting in a bar for a relaxed date, Megan broke the ice by saying that Jack looked 'good in person', prompting the pen salesman to say that she was 'above average in looks' as he joked that he 'was trying' to do well on the date.

As their date continued, Jack quipped: 'Do you want me to come to your address now in just pants?'

Jack then had an awkward moment as he had to explain the idion 'do bear s*** in the woods' to Megan, before rambling about the origins of alcohol and how it came to be sold in clubs.

Things seemed to be going swimmingly despite the odd conversations, as Jack said off-camera: 'This is amazing, she's a proper sort and she's weirder than me.' 

While Megan seemed to reciprocate Jack's feelings, as she told him: 'I'm glad you think like me, I think we are really similar.' 

And Jack gushed: 'Dates are nerve wracking mate, they are, but you are lovely. honestly I know I can get on with you, I can have a laugh.' 

Things took an unexpected turn later on in the date, when Jack showed off his chest to prove he's 'nearly got abs', which Megan claimed were 'popping through.'

She then joked: 'I would say you can see mine but I'd have to lift my dress off.'

Jack claimed that she could do that on their 'third date', before admitting he had 'a secret sensation in my pants.'

When asked if he'd see her again, Jack told Megan he 'f***ing really wants to go on a second date', before telling her to 'think about me on the way home.'

After she left, the flustered reality star turned to those around him and declared that he 'dated the f*** outta that.'

Despite his rowdy behaviour and lewd remarks Megan was delighted by the date, as she said: 'My date with jack was a lot better than expected, hes a funny guy.'

But fans were not as impressed, as they took to Twitter to blast Jack and label him 'rude and egotistical' during the date.

One user wrote: 'Jack once again making snidey remarks on his date and saying it's a joke. He's rude. How did he fool us all on Love Island?'

While another blasted: 'Is 'above average in looks' really a compliment ffs'

Taking a swipe at Jack's new reality star status, one user wrote: 'Fame has definitely gone to Jack's head, maybe it's time to go back to being a pen salesman.'

Other users also hit out at Jack's date Megan, as they claimed she needed to 'brush up on her idioms' to be on the same page as the reality star.  

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