CLOUD GAMING:THE NEW Billion Dollar Industry

Updated: Jul 27, 2019


Cloud Gaming is a new version of online gaming where high powered online servers acts as the hardware and the video results are streamed directly to the clients computer. It is like Netflix of gaming and is considered to be path breaking in the Gaming Industry. Gaming Industry has seen its unprecedented growth year by year and gaming companies are trying to push boundaries again and again to get the edge required in the competition.


2000 was the year G Cluster demonstrated cloud computing technology at E3.

Onlive officially launched in March 2010, and its game service began in June with the sale of its OnLive microconsole. It used small game streaming console and a special controller. It was capable of running several games that were available for consoles at the time. Those included the original Borderlands and Darksiders.

GeForce Now is a cloud based game-streaming service and is offeredNVIDIA. It was launched on October 1, 2015.

Gaikai started its own game streaming service, and was it was later acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment. PlayStation Now, which is Sony’s first-party game-streaming service later reused the technology The first game-streaming service available from a console manufacturer,Playstation Now allows players to stream games from PlayStation 2 through PlayStation 4 to their PlayStation 4 or PC.

How does it Work

GeForce Now is a cloud based game-streaming service and is offered NVIDIA. It was launched on October 1, 2015. some cases games should be purchased on top of that fee. GeForceNow the games you purchase come from other stores like Steam or Battle. Net, meaning you can use them locally if you eventually purchase the necessary hardware.

Subscribers can open the app for their cloud gaming service on their device of choice , select a game they wish to play. Instead of downloading updates or additional content, they can start playing the game immediately because it is being run on remote servers.

These servers are comprised of high-end PC components, allowing for games to be played at very high settings, but they can vary in structure depending on the service you choose.

In Shadow you are literally renting a remote PC. With Microsoft’s ProjectXCloud, there will be numerous “blades” containing these components in data centers, and you won’t be accessing a standard PC.

Cloud Gaming Services upgrade their software regularly thereby removing the confusion of whether your setuo will be able to run the latest title.Saved Game is stored in the cloud instead of your machine. So,this removes the fear about data getting erased.this also helps to switch from your console to a PC or phone and have immediate access to the same files without fear.

For now, publishers are focused on figuring out whether today’s successful titles make sense in the cloud—or whether all-new titles, native to the format, will replace familiar franchises. The interactivity of Twitch and the novelty of so-called freemium mobile games, like Candy Crush, showed that technological leaps could open new paths to gaming engagement. The possibilities that could emerge from running games on the same infrastructure that supports today’s artificial intelligence are something that technologists can only fathom.

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