The Bachelor's Colton Underwood upsets fans for Joking About His Breakup with Cassie Randolph

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Bachelor Colton Underwood hit Instagram to joke about his recent breakup with Cassie Randolph and apparently fans aren't having it. The 28-year-old responded to a photo posted Sunday to Instagram by Bachelor season 17 star Sean Lowe.

The moment went down on Bachelor Sean Lowe's Instagram post, where he wrote “Tomorrow night, my entire season is airing in a condensed 3 hour format for Bachelor G.O.A.T.

Really excited to share my journey with you all. Also excited to get that 15 minutes of fame back I’ve been desperately searching for for the past seven years. No spoilers please.”

Colton hit the comments and joked "Hopefully you are still with her!" and apparently fans thought this was iffy considering he and Cassie just broke up. Replies to the comment range from "😬 😬 😬 ," to "too soon," "the comment makes it obvious Cassie was the one who broke up with you," to a simple "yikes."

Some followers responded that it was 'too soon' for him to make the joke, as he and Randolph, 25, called it quits last week.

The former football player announced the split Friday on Instagram: 'Its been a crazy few months to say the least, Cass and I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting.