Did You know the Original Lion King was rumored to be inspired from this series

Disney's Lion King was the biggest hit released in 1994 . It is also the seventh-highest-grossing animated film of all time worldwide and third highest grossing picture for Walt Disney Animation Studios.But when the original movie was released people began too see similarities with another animation series.

Kimba The White Lion

The cartoon, about African wildlife, began airing in the 1960s and was based off of a Manga comic called “Jungle Emperor Leo“ by animator Osamu Tezuka. It features Kimba the lion and has many similarities with Lion King.

Disney's Response

Disney refuted claims and mainstained that those involved in the making of the movie did not know anything about Kimba or Tezuka.Lion King co-director Rob Minkob maintained the same stance even though evidence shows he worked as an animator in Japan.

Protests from Fans

There were several protests in Japan that started after fans saw Lion king. Japanese cartoonists and animators signed a petition accusing Disney of plagiarism They demanded Tezuka to be given the credits he deserved.


The controversy surrounding Kimba and The Lion King was parodied in a 1995 episode of The Simpsons where a lion appearing in the clouds is saying, "You must avenge my death, Kimba... I mean, Simba.

Despite the negativity regarding Lion King it is still considered one of the greatest movies ever made and has found a place in the heart of people and continues to live in their imagination.

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