Geordie Shore OG star Gaz Beadle reveals why he was reluctant to take part in the show

Life is quite a bit different these days for Geordie Shore's Gary "Gaz" Beadle, who has swapped nights out on the lash for nights in with his family – girlfriend Emma McVey and their one-year-old son, Chester.

That's why when he was approached to appear in a show about the original Geordie Shore cast, he was initially quite reluctant to get involved and back in front of the camera once again.

Geordie OG's will catch viewers up with Gaz as well as, Holly Hagan, Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson over the course of the miniseries.

However, Gaz thought it would be interesting to show viewers just how different he is since becoming a father and how "normal" his life actually is.

"When he [Chester] started getting a little bit older, I just thought, well I heard who else was doing it and the filming schedule wasn't too hectic, and you could work it around like Chester and stuff, and I just thought why not?" he told The Sun.

"I think I just want people to see kind of what we've became and how generally how well we've done from Geordie Shore, how much we've grown up and just see us in normal life."

He has recently announced that he and Emma are expecting their second child, and is expecting people to be a bit shocked with just how normal his life is.

"Everyone has a perception of me is just that I'm that kid from Geordie Shore who used to get pissed," he added.

"But it will be a bit of a shock when people just see us in normal life. I think this show will be a lot more relatable than something like Geordie Shore. We are doing normal things."

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