Guy Gets Annoyed At His Neighbor's Loud Party, Attacks It With A Fireworks Drone

A video of a drone shooting fireworks in Brazil has gone viral worldwide, but local news outlets are reporting it was a stunt from an Instagram star.

The story was initially reported as a man getting annoyed at his neighbours for throwing a loud party and taking action by strapping fireworks to a drone.

Video of the incident -- said to have been captured in Brazil -- shows a small drone hovering above the street, shooting red bursts of fireworks as people run out of the firing line.

However, Brazilian media outlets are reporting that the video was a social stunt.

"Lucas's press office told Extra News that the video was nothing more than a joke among friends," an outlet reported.

Another newspaper, Jornal de Brasilia, reported "the owner of the joke is a famous Instagram influencer."

On his Instagram story on Tuesday, Albert himself posted a series of clips in Portuguese, with one caption reading "it was fake news" and another saying "they're just jokes with my friends."

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