Hannah Brown Reflects on Her Bachelor and Bachelorette Experiences: 'Wouldn't Change a Thing'

Hannah Brown is reflecting on her whirlwind experiences on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

On Saturday, the reality star, 25, shared a throwback video message on Instagram that she taped following the first few episodes of The Bachelor in January 2019, in which she said that appearing on Colton Underwood's season of the ABC reality series "was one of the best experiences I ever had."

"I had to deal with my weaknesses head first," she said in the video. "Were there twists and turns? Yes, but my weaknesses were all caught on camera."

"The whole time, I just sat in prayer everyday making sure I understood how big of a deal this could be," she said. "Yes it's a reality TV show, yes there are parts of the show that are definitely for entertainment.

But ultimately, this was my real life. These were my struggles and although they are used as an entertainment factor, it's what I was going through."

"If I decide to ever show this to you guys, just thank you for listening," Brown said at the end of the video.

In her caption on Saturday, the Dancing with the Stars champ — who became the Bachelorette last year and called off her engagement to winner Jed Wyatt after learning he allegedly had a girlfriend when he was on the show — said that "today feels really symbolic for me."

"As I get ready to move into a new home, I realize that I am starting a new chapter and closing another," she said.

Brown told her fans that she "took a trip down memory lane this morning" by looking at the footage and personal journals from her time on the ABC reality shows and "couldn’t help but feel a little proud of how much I’ve evolved since then."

"Oh sweet baby Han didn’t know then it was just the start of all the crazy mess she’d get into!" Brown said. "I’ve had lots of highs and a lot of lows, and although I would prefer some things to have gone differently, I wouldn’t change a single thing."

Brown continued, "I’m thankful for every single one of my experiences and the subsequent moments of growth, and of course, I’m thankful for all of you! Tough times don’t feel so rough when you have some pretty great friends on the internet rooting for ya along the way!"

"Cheers, to new beginnings y’all! 💛," she concluded her candid post.

Ever since ending her relationship with Wyatt, Brown has been open about being single and waiting to find the right romantic partner. In May, she said she was ready to start dating again.

"I definitely want to be in a relationship," she admitted during an Instagram Live. "I think I'm finally getting to the point where I could say that I could do that, at this point in my life. I think I needed a little break and definitely took that. But I'm going to be single until it's right. I don't just like, date around really. I date seriously, you know?"

Brown also said that despite the drama she went through on The Bachelorette, she wouldn't "redo" the season if given the chance.

"Because I just really have to believe that there is something so much greater from all this," she said. "I'm still on the journey of figuring it out.

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