Jack Matthews grilled by Julie Chen about offensive Big Brother comments

Jack Matthews has taken a variety of warmth for racist comments he made at the same time as competing within the Big Brother house this summer. And he took some greater of it when he sat down with host Julie Chen after being voted out of the residence on Thursday’s stay episode.

Just moments after being evicted, Jack sat down with Chen, who played him clips of his derogatory remarks approximately another contestant, Kemi Fakunle. She then requested: “In recap, you known as her bitch, you known as her dog poop — you didn’t use the phrase ‘poop’ — and we simply heard you assert you wanted to stomp a mudhole via her chest. Watching that now, what are your thoughts?”

Matthews replied: “Okay, well, I will say that the ‘stomp the mudhole remark’ changed into primarily based on some thing that Sam [Bledsoe] said final season while she was frustrated, and I don’t think there has been any private vendetta in the back of announcing that. I assume my statements have been playful in a set of humans. I do apologize for what I said, and that’s very honest. I think Kemi was, and is, a exquisite man or woman.

I suppose this sport and being in 24-hour view of people and you say matters and… um, I wouldn’t say I completely aid the matters that I stated and the manner that I stated them. If I may want to take them again, I might, and I want I ought to have articulated them in a few other manner possible. But it doesn’t do away with the reality that I don’t suppose that Kemi is a first-rate person inside and outside of this residence, in reality.”

But Matthews had extra questionable feedback to reply for, and Chen then showed him the clip of him responding to another contestant talking approximately the “proof is in the pudding” through adding “the rice pudding” when relating to Isabella Wang, who's Asian-American. “Because Bella is Asian-American,” talked about Chen, “and also you made the pudding comment — rice pudding — some humans concept that was a derogatory declaration about her ethnicity. What is your reaction to that?”

“I admire you letting me be capable of voice my opinion about that,” spoke back Matthews. “We spoke in advance within the evening. There become the slop issue occurring and people have been making special recipes in advance in that evening, particularly Tommy and Christy. And rice pudding became spoken about in slop pudding. And so in advance in that evening, rice and slop pudding have been going, round so Tommy bringing it up in that situation made me say it there. It had nothing — actually not anything — to do along with her ethnicity by any means. I recognize that I get to voice me saying that.”

When we requested about Matthews’ “rice pudding” comment remaining week, she stated she wanted to wait to speak with Jack herself earlier than passing judgement.

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