Kaitlynn Carter 'Liked' This Comment About Her & Miley Cyrus

Amid a couple of sightings between Brody Jenners's ex and Miley Cyrus, Carter expressed her appreciation for the guide she and Cyrus have acquired from their fans via a like. This comes recently after Carter and Cyrus, 26, ended their relationships to Jenner and Lian Hemsworth, respectively, and have been spotted kissing in Italy.

Alongside a photo of Carter, 30, rocking denim shorts with white lace, a Cyrus fan account commented on the pic to gush over the new rumored couple.

"Just wanted to let u know that u don't deserve all this hate from people who claim to be Miley's 'fans'!" the account wrote. "U and Miley have every right to do what ever u want! If u make Miley happy then I like u! Miley's happiness and mental health is all that matters."

Carter's telling like comes after Jenner's mom, Linda Thompson, made her own splash on Instagram by liking commnets that claimed Carter was looking for attention through her outings with Cyrus. 

"Speechless is right! When you are married to Brody or Liam, I mean some of the best looking guys on this planet. What the heck?!" one comment that received Thompson's like read. 

"I think she’s so hurt and trying to get his attention!! Not the way to do it but sad all around!" added another commenter, who also received Thompson’s like. 

A source close to Jenner told ET, "He still cares deeply for [Kaitlynn] and his friendships with [Miley and Liam]. He wants everyone to be happy and live their best lives."

As for Hemsworth, he is "heartbroken that [Cyrus] moved on so quickly and so publicly."

"Liam loves Miley and is crushed by all of this. But right now Miley doesn't want to answer to anyone," the source claimed. "She still feels the need to explore herself, her sexuality and her music. Miley has been working in the studio and wants to blow off steam."

When it comes to the two women, "no one thinks Miley and Kaitlynn are in a real relationship, they believe it's more fun on vacation."

"For Miley, she's having fun, and for Kaitlynn, it seems too coincidental that she is hooking up with a huge music star, when that's what she wants most for herself in life -- to be famous," the source said.

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