Kathryn Dunn (‘Big Brother’ 21) answers Why she confronted Cliff Hogg in Eviction Interview

Why is my eviction speech in this frickin’ lumberjack outfit?” asks a bitter yet joyful Kathryn Dunn following her live eviction on Thursday's Episode of “Big Brother.” The 29-year old digital marketing executive was not surprised by her 6-1 eviction over Cliff Hogg after she had been targeted this week by Head of Household Tommy Bracco. Jessica Milagros was the only vote to keep Kat in the game. Kat will now join Jack Mathews in the jury house as Juror #2.

“I knew I was doomed,” Kat tells host Julie Chen Moonves shortly after walking out the door. “I wanted to wear a really cute dress and heels, but they were like ‘No, you gotta get dressed like that.'” The outfit in question was in preparation for the Oktoberfest-themed HOH competition to be held following the eviction.

Julie quickly switches gears and notes that Jessica was the only person Kat hugged on the way out of the house. Earlier in the week,Jessica had approached Kat and told her that Cliff was abandoning them and the only Cliff’s Angels alliance member he was protecting moving forward was Nicole Anthony. Kat took that information straight back to Cliff and confronted him.

“At that point I had nothing to lose,” Kat admits. “Something about me that I hope people were able to see is that I am loyal to a fault. Jess has been the best friend that I’ve always wanted. Or maybe she hasn’t! I don’t know. But at least I think she has. Knowing that she was being left out of that plan was [upsetting]. What did I mess up on? Where did I go wrong?”

As Kat confronted Cliff, he seemed surprised that she was so upset. Cliff was also on the block and didn’t know what she wanted him to do. Julie presses Kat on what she said to Cliff: “Why can’t you stand up for what you believe in?” So what does Kat believe in? On one side of the house she had Holly Allen and Jackson Michie and on the other side she had Jessica and Nicole. Where did her true loyalties lie?

“I would have chosen Jessica and Nicole,” Kat answers forcefully. “When I watch this show back I might be completely wrong. When you’re on ‘Big Brother,’ everything that you thought you were gonna do, you don’t do. But, the way that I saw it was Michie really did mess up my game from day one and that effected my whole game going forward. It’s kind of one of those things, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And I knew he was trying to use me as a little pawn that he could dispose of. So I kind of flipped the script and I kind of wanted to make him my pawn. I tried to play as much as I could.”

So was Kat’s final two deal with Holly all a sham? “No,” Holly says while laughing. “I wanted Holly to be my final two so badly. And I would have had her back, but it raised a couple red flags how unapologetically she did have Michie’s back no matter what and I think it did affect her game.

Had Kat been in Cliff’s shoes and been offered a final six deal without Jessica, would she have gone for it?

“No,” she responds. “I wouldn’t have done that. I’m officially the worst player in ‘Big Brother’ history. I have been lied to by everybody and it’s so crazy being in that house. I know it’s part of the game, but it really does kind of make you appreciate things and the actual relationships that you have. Something I’ve loved abut Jess – and again, I could be completely wrong and I could be the worst player in ‘Big Brother’ history – is that she was a friend to me. I fought hard in my campaigns and during everything I was saying, I was keeping Jess and Nicole in mind because I really believed in that plan.”