Little People’s Isabel Roloff slams ‘vile’ trolls after she praises Joe Biden’s win

LITTLE People's Isabel Roloff slammed trolls' "vile" messages after she celebrated Joe Biden's election win.

The reality star and her husband, Jacob Roloff, have not been on the same page with his brother Jeremy and his sister-in-law Audrey over politics.

Isabel took to her Instagram Story and wrote: "My favorite thing is when people come at me with some ridiculous vile messages or comments and when I respond accordingly they say things like, 'Wow wouldn't expect this from you. So much for love and light.'

"As if kind, spiritual people are just expected to tolerate anything and everything."

She added: Love & light has its place, but so does holding people accountable, speaking up, and calling out bulls**t when you see it."

Previously, the 24-year-old had showed her excitement over Biden being voted as the next president of the United States.

She wrote: "Historic moment in history. Celebrating joy today because I CAN FEEL IT ALL OVER THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW."

Jacob has also been quite open about his opinion, even calling out Jeremy for his support over Donald Trump.

Recently, Jacob slammed his brother for being "one of these millions" who are "primed to believe Donald Trump's baseless lies."

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