Love Island's Amber Gill not keen to be in Celebs Go Dating

She made her mark on reality show dating when she won the 2019 series of Love Island.

But Amber Gill has declared she would 'vomit' if she ever had to do Celebs Go Dating and revealed she would not rule out having an OnlyFans account in a candid Q&A this week.

The star, 23, said the ITV2 show, which she won with ex Greg O'Shea had showed she was 'not good' at dating and that she would prefer a man who doesn't have Instagram after a fan asked if she would ever do Celebs Go Dating.

She wrote: 'Did you not see me on Love Island? I’m not good at dating and if the energy was off on one of my dates, I’d exit in 0.5 seconds.

'Finding a guy that is suitable for a personality like mine is a challenge in itself. I saw one of the dates ages ago and this guy was saying “touch my bicep” I’m sorry but I’d vomit straight on the spot.

'I also don’t like guys who take selfies, like I’d prefer for them not to have Instagram but if I went on that show and the guy took a bathroom selfie, just no. I feel like we should play a “what gives you the ick” game this week!

The star also weighed in on celebrities joining racy site OnlyFans and said she would not rule out opening an account, She said: 'I think good for them! Collect the bag! Personally, for me, I need to concentrate on Instagram, I don’t need another thing to add to my focus. When I post 4-5 times a week, come ask me then!'

Amber, who last month revealed she was in a new romance with a mystery man, was asked how she would meet someone if they weren't on Instagram.

She responded: 'The same way we used to meet people before Instagram?? Like through mutual friends, though new classes or hobbies, through work.

'I mean the possibilities are endless, you could bump into the love of your life tomorrow! I wouldn’t date from a direct message or liked photo anyways.

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