LOVE Island's Amber Gill said she's been viciously trolled after gaining a stone in weight

LOVE Island's Amber Gill said she's been viciously trolled after gaining a stone in weight during lockdown.

The reality TV star champ hit back at mean keyboard warriors on Instagram last night and said she was shocked at the flood of messages over her weight - since she hadn't been checking the scales

She said: "Not me on tiktok being fat shamed?! What? First of all we are in a pandemic.

"Second How do people look so closely that they notice before I even notice 😂 I’ve been living in hoodies and sweatpants for the whole of this year and ended up putting on a whole stone!

"I can’t lie I was shocked but I cannot cook to save my life so it was takeout breakfast lunch and dinner so I don’t know what I expected. And with another lockdown potentially on the horizon it could happen again 😳

"I’m sure the people that commented are the image of perfection so thank you for that☺️ Whoever put on weight this year don’t worry I’m with you."

Amber shot to fame on the 2019 series of Love Island, which she won alongside latecomer Greg O'Shea after being left heartbroken by Michael Griffiths.

The pair split soon after leaving the villa, with the sassy star often referring to herself as "the first solo winner of Love Island".

Since then she has often been praised for flaunting a "healthy body" after she sharing unedited Instagram snaps with her followers.

In one pic shared in lockdown Amber is make-up free as she smiles with her back to the camera.

The reality star is peering over her shoulder, with her enviable bottom on display in a thong bikini.

She's also flashing a glimpse of her midriff in a cropped top, and her new braids are front and centre - so long that they reach below her buttocks.

Amber captioned the stunning social media post: "He fell in love with a…"

Her followers were quick to share their appreciation, with one commenting: "Queen come take your crown".

And others praised Amber for embracing her natural beauty and not editing the snap.

One wrote: "I actually love this. Not photoshopping, very normal back skin out. Looks amazing and normal."

A second agreed: "Finally. Somebody posting real pictures of themselves and looking even better than these mad photoshopped pics."

A third shared: "Love how this is completely unedited!!!"

One more added: "Love that you are promoting a healthy body image and not fake, surgery, or photoshop!"

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