Love Island's Callum Jones Opens Up On Marriage Hopes With Molly Smith

Love Island star Callum Jones admits he would marry Molly Smith and have children with her someday.

The reality star, 23, fell head over heels for the model, 25, when she entered the villa - and has now admitted that he could see himself marrying her.

Speaking to The Sun, the ex-scaffolder lifted the lid on what life has been like for the couple over the past three months.

The tattooed hunk decided to move into Molly's family home in Manchester with her two parents and the pair's relationship has continued to go from strength to strength.

When asked if he sees any potential wedding bells in the future he said: "Never say never, that's all I'm saying! It's not on the cards yet but who knows."

And it doesn't stop there as he also admitted that he'd like to start a family one day.

He added: "Yeah I would definitely like kids in the future but like I said, we've only been together like five months, so it's still a bit early for kids at the minute!"

Despite some people thinking it’s a big step to move in with someone so early on in a relationship and with their in-laws, Callum admitted it's been a walk in the park.

He said: "I get on with them both really well so there's no awkwardness or anything. It's just like I've known them for years.

"Molly and I can always get away, anyway. We can go upstairs and watch something or we can go in the backroom, it's not like her parents are always there.

"It's easy enough to be honest."

When Callum first laid eyes on Molly he was originally coupled up with Shaughna Phillips, 26, but he couldn’t ignore the strong feelings he had towards her, despite only knowing her a few days.

The reality star thinks that because they met on the popular ITV dating show, it has definitely helped them get through lockdown without any tensions.

He explained: "I think we got pretty lucky just because in the villa we'd been living together anyway 24/7 so it was kinda like a tester in the villa.

"Then coming into the real world we were already quite used to it so it wasn't that much of a change."

"The only thing I moan at her is when she's getting ready in the morning and I'm still half asleep and she puts the hair dryer on.

"It burns my ears, but it's only little things like that, no arguments,” he explained.

When asked if he'd ever start training with fellow Islander, Tommy Fury, he replied: "Yeah! Of course I would."

He's also been busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen to impress both Molly and his future in-laws, but admitted that he can’t wait until the restaurants are re-opened so that he can socialise with his pals and enjoy some tasty food.

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