Love Island's Chris Hughes mocks his iconic 'sit back down' row with ex Olivia Attwood

He forged a tumultuous romance with fellow contestant Olivia Attwood on the 2017 edition of Love Island, only to split up six months after leaving the villa.

But Chris Hughes appeared to see the funny side of things three years later as the show aired a special best bits edition featuring the franchise's iconic rows on Wednesday evening.

The reality star, 27, tweeted 'sit back down' as he mocked the moment he demanded his then-love interest, 29, to stay in their bedroom in a bid to hash out their issues. 

As their relationship was filled with ups and downs, the compilation episode documented the on-off couple's numerous break ups and make ups.

One stand-out clip saw model Chris attempt to calm the former Motorsport Grid Girl down as she declared: 'I'm done with the conversation now'. 

Don't walk away, sit back down', the hunk boldly ordered, before the blonde beauty snarked back: 'I'm sat'. 

Fans took to Twitter to poke fun at the heated discussion, after Chris referred to the throwback moment by writing: 'Sit back down'.  

Viewers penned: 'Forgot how funny you were.

'Olivia and Chris were a nightmare couple at times but were so funny and entertaining at the same time too # LoveIslandUK # LoveIsland

'Sorry but nobody will ever top Liv and Chris on # LoveIsland... Olivia & Chris were toxic together! # LoveIsland # AllTheDramz.' (sic)

2018 contestant Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler's kissgate drama was also revisited, in which the former drama student, 22, lied about kissing her pal Laura Anderson's love interest. 

Comedy legend Paul Chuckle, 72, proved to be a surprise fan of the series as he tweeted: 'Don't you know Georgia's # loyal @LoveIsland # AllTheDramz # Not.'

Others were left divided by the scene as they said: 'Forgot how manipulative Georgia was! But after all she is ‘loyal’ # LoveIsland.

'Georgia telling porkies to Laura, remembered it well # kissgate Face with tears of joy # LoveIslanduk # LoveIsland.

'Georgia was a funny one weren’t she lol # loveisland... Georgia spiced up this series a lot # LoveIsland.

'Yesssss Georgia. Loads of people hated her but she made the series # LoveIsland.' (sic)

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