Love Island’s Danny tells he ‘still fancies Arabella’ and is jealous of her romance with Wes Nelson

LOVE Island’s Danny Williams has told pals he still fancies Arabella Chi and that he’s a bit jealous of her romance with Wes Nelson.

The male model,22, is due to move in with Jourdan Riane any day now after coupling up with her in the villa just days after Arabella was cruelly dumped – but he’s been having second thoughts.

Danny Williams is enjoying a summer of sun in the Love Island villa but the 21-year-old nearly missed his chance to be on the show.

The model found himself unable to fly to the plush Mallorca pad the show is filmed in when found out his passport had been stolen.

Danny Williams had been scheduled to fly out to the villa over the May Bank holiday.

When he realised his documents were missing he had until the following Tuesday to get his passport sorted.

A source told The Sun: ‘Danny was frantic when he discovered his passport was missing when producers were on their way to get him.’

‘Luckily they were very understanding and let him fly out a few days late.’

Since he’s landed he’s got a lot of airtime due to his love triangle with Yewande Biala and Arabella Chi.

He had been enjoying the Irish gals company until Arabella burst into the villa and she’s left Yewande ‘fuming’ after intervening with her man.

Arabella, who has previously been involved with former Love Island contestant Charlie, started a rift between Danny and Yewande after she revealed to Yewande that Danny had said he thought her sudden display of affection seemed ‘forced’.

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