Love Island’s Jack Fowler Gives Powerful Insight Into his Heritage

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Love Island star Jack Fowler has shared a detailed insight into his heritage with a photo of his black father and revelation that his ancestors were slaves.  The reality TV star is mixed race and explained that his mother is a white British East Londoner, while his dad is British born with heritage from the small island of St Helena. According to Jack, 24, his grandfather was one of the first hundred to arrive just after the Windrush era. 

Recalling his father’s experience with racism, the former footballer said: ‘Growing up with a dad who’s a man of colour was a powerful insight into what racism is really is. Because my dad is black, I was educated from a young age about the slave trade as my ancestors were slaves on their home island, Saint Helena.

‘The experiences that my dad had growing up being a man of colour in school and throughout adulthood have been taught to me. There have been times where I’ve been treated different because of the complexion of my dads skin [sic].’ 

Jack went on to reveal how he was ‘treated differently’ during his footballing career as soon as people learned his dad was black.  ‘I was confused at the time but quickly learnt and became aware of what was happening,’ he explained. ‘It made me feel frustrated but I understood that my dad is a black man who has been through feeling this way all of his life. 

I feel that it’s my responsibility to share this story with you because I expect that I’m not the only one who has a white skin complexion but has parents of colour… I love the black culture and it hurts to still see that even in 2020, black people are not being treated equally.’  Jack concluded: ‘I feel as a white looking mixed race man, I’ve experienced many moment of white privilege. It’s times like these that we should treat people of all colour, religion and walks of life equally. ‘I’m proud of my roots. Always have been always will be and I will always speak up and stand against racism.’ 

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