Love Island star reveals harrowing eating disorder battle in powerful post

A former Love Island star has opened up about her battle with an eating disorder.

Malin Andersson appeared on the second series of the smash hot dating show but in the years since her stint on reality television, she has become a body positivity and mental health advocate.

This week is Mental Health Week and Malin took the opportunity to open up about her past issues with body image, as well the eight year "fight" she endured with an eating disorder.

Malin has said her eating disorder is one of the "toughest battles" she has ever faced.

The reality star shared a photo to her Instagram page of herself at age 18, when she was working as an air stewardess for Virgin Atlantic.

She started the caption with a "trigger warning" so those sensitive to the subject matter could err on the side of caution.

Malin wrote: "I wasn’t born here, on this earth to starve.

"My mum didn't carry me for 9 months to watch her daughter fight an eating disorder for 8 years. The pain in her eyes when I told her I had been spewing my food wasn't worth being skinny.

"But it was. At that very moment, I didn't care who I hurt. I didn't care about hurting my body. I just wanted to be thin."

Malin went on to reveal she can "hardly remember" her trips abroad and would regularly faint due to lack of food.

She said she "was meant to be seen as a glamorous air stewardess" but wasn't and instead starved her way through her flight attendant years.

She said: "I can hardly remember my beautiful trips abroad.. I only remember being hungry and suffering. I would constantly feel dizzy and anxious."

She continued: "An eating disorder has to come close to one of the toughest battles I have ever faced.

"It consumed my mind, and then my mind distorted my mirrors. I was a lonely teen, I was left alone with obsessing over my weight and I hid it pretty well.

Malin admitted she turned down some "amazing things" as she didn't socialise much.

She begged people to "please understand" her battle was the reason so was so "passionate about body image".

The star said recovery is "a process" which may take some time and finished the emotional post by asking those struggling to reach out for support, dubbing it "the first step to freedom."

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