Married At First Sight's Mishel Karen shares body fat percentage scans of her weight loss journey

Married At First Sight's Mishel Karen has shared the results of a body composition scan she took before her weight loss journey.

The star, 49, who has overhauled her lifestyle after gaining 10kg while filming for the reality series MAFS, bravely took to her Instagram on Saturday to share the 'extremely private' scans.

Offering an in-depth analysis of the photos from her DEXA scan (a type of X-ray which reveals a body's bone, fat and muscle mass in a percentage) Mishel noted that she had a 'thick layer of outside fat' but 'on the positive side' doesn't have too much visceral fat.

Mishel shared a snap of herself along with three compositions from the same DEXA scan - one of which offered a colour-coded scale which showed her 'fat', 'lean' and 'bone' density.

'Have you ever really wondered what you are really made up of? Wonder no more! Introducing my DEXA scan!' she wrote in the caption.  

'This photoshoot is going to be a hard one, it is extremely private, and in some of the photos, I am not wearing clothes. Well, I am, but you just cannot see them.'

Mishel added further context: 'This scan was taken at the beginning of my weight loss journey. At the time, I had a very high body fat - over 35%, which basically means I have a good thick layer of outside fat!

'On the positive, I don't have too much visceral fat (the fat that covers your organs) & I have a high level of lean tissue + bone.'

The single mother-of-two concluded with a series of hashtags: '# unveil50 # mishelkaren # mesh # mishelkaren # DEXA # weightloss # whatmakesyouyou.'

Mishel, , told NW magazine in January that she'd gained 10kg while filming the show.

'I've gained and lost about 150kg over the course of my life. When you're happy, you just gain weight. I'm still the same - there's just more of me to love,' she said defiantly.

'You get what you get and you don't get upset. This is me If you don't like it, well, then you don't have to look but if you like it, it's OK,' she added.

She went on to say that despite embracing her fuller figure, she still struggles with her confidence, acknowledging: 'I do feel better when I'm 10 or 15kg lighter.'

But Mishel said she's been working hard to get back to her previous size.

The star said she does twenty push-ups each morning when she wakes up before guzzling down a cup of fresh celery juice.

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