Married At First Sight's Mishel Karen slams a cruel troll for 'FAT SHAMING

Married At First Sight star Mishel Karen furiously hit back at a cruel troll on Instagram on Thursday. 

The 49-year-old named and shamed a woman who had 'fat shamed' her for showing off her figure. 

In a lengthy post, Mishel called the woman a 'bully' and a 'complete 'a**ehole' and shared a series of private messages that she had received from the follower in her inbox.   

'Name and Shame. This post is about a woman that thought it was a good idea to tell me how fat and hideous I look!' Mishel's post began. 

She said she was calling her out publicly in front of her 96,000 followers because she often gets similar messages from trolls.  

'Fat shaming is not cool... fat shaming is never ok! Not now, not ever!'

'Why are women killing themselves dieting to be thinner! Look right next to you, that person judging you, telling you that you are not good enough, or fit their ideal picture of PERFECT and trying to make you feel like s**t!'

She added: 'STOP! Bullying! STOP! Being a complete a**ehole to someone else to make yourself feel better.'

Mishel said she didn't feel bad for naming and shaming the woman in her post, and told fans not to write to her if they have nothing nice to say, as she will expose them.

'If you don't want to see what you wrote to me privately then don't write to me at all.'

In the screenshots of the private messages the troll sent her, the woman appeared to have a go at Mishel for showing off her figure in a midriff top and then said that she herself is a size 6.

'And you're not concerned that people laugh about you?' the troll wrote in one message. 

They added that Mishel is 'alone in bed at night' and went on to say that she's 'overweight.'


You are an attractive women (sic) but you are also an overweight women (sic),' they wrote.   

Mishel told the troll that she wears what she wants and is 'comfortable' in her own skin. 

She received support from fans and friends, including former MAFS co-star Connie Crayden, who commented underneath the post: 'Oh Meshy moooo, you're a dead set fox.'

'I said it and all my friends said it... we will do anything to look half as good as you when we're older.'

She added: 'Remember it's a reflection on her, she be pushing her insecurities on you. It's v (sic) sad. SMH. Hold your head up high because you're a queen. The real deal Mama.' 

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